• Dr. Selim Alptekin, DMD

About Us

Metrowest Dental Care has been serving Ashland families for over 40 years. In 2008, the practice was purchased from Dr. Singleton by Dr. Selim Alptekin, AKA “Dr. Sal.” Dr. Sal brought his patients from his current practice to our Ashland facility, continuing the mission alongside of Dr. Singleton’s existing team…some of whom have been here for years!

Meet Selim Alptekin, DMD (“Dr. Sal”)

Dr. Sal completed his dental training at the Boston University Dental School. After receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, he went on to complete a rigorous 2-year dental implant course and became a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. During his implant training, he chose sedation dentistry as his area of concentration. He has also taken a variety of courses in: short term adult orthodontics (“fast” braces); dental sleep medicine; endodontics; and dental technology.

A perfectionist at heart, Dr. Sal strives to complete each treatment as carefully as if it were for himself or one of his children. That’s why he has expanded the technology available in our practice to include lasers, drill-free fillings, and medication-free NuCalm techniques. Even though he has over 15 years of experience as a family dentist, he feels that staying abreast of the latest in patient care opportunities is always important to the people we serve.

When he isn’t caring for patients, he and his wife (both of whom are fluent in Turkish!) prefer spending time with their young children. Dr. Sal also enjoys playing a few different musical instruments, playing tennis, and cycling.

Why Your Visit With Us is Different

If you think that visiting the dentist isn’t something that you can look forward to, we’re here to change your mind. Our NuCalm relaxation services and Cinemizer movie glasses make you feel like you’re not even here to see the dentist! Sit back, tune out, and we’ll do the rest.

Even kids love visiting our Ashland office. Not just for the movie glasses, but because of our drill-free and shot-free fillings. They’re completed with a laser, so there’s no loud noises or numbing. They work on adults too!

As a licensed sedation dentist, you can even schedule an oral sedation or IV-sedation procedure with us. Everything is done right here in our office, not in a hospital or surgical facility.

After your initial exam, if you do need treatment, Dr. Sal will co-plan your needs right alongside of you. Thanks to our intraoral cameras and digital photography, you can see exactly the same things that we do. Plus, we can even take a virtual scan of your teeth instead of resorting to messy impressions that tickle your throat.

It’s Time to Call Our Ashland Dentist

Are you ready for a dentist the whole family will love? Metrowest Dental Care is currently accepting new patients. Plus, we’re open late and even on weekends. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, we offer same day care and answer calls after hours. Convenient financing plans are available. Book your visit with us today!

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